Start Tour: Emerald Necklace

Brookline and Riverway

The Brookline Village Tour begins at the intersection of Riverway and Brookline Ave at a southern edge of the LMA. For real time turn by turn directions to the selected Point, use the Google Maps app link (mobile only). 


The Riverway serves as the boundary between Boston and Brookline and boasts 34 acres of hiking and bicycle paths that meander along the Muddy River. Home to over 100,000 plantings, the park has many picturesque stone bridges including at Chapel St. and Longwood Ave. and is part of the Emerald Necklace (a National Historic Landmark). Throughout almost twenty years of work on the Emerald Necklace (1878-1896), Frederick Law Olmsted created special retreats — places for both active and passive recreation; green and open spaces offering relief and refreshment from the pressures and tensions of everyday life. His work changed the landscape of America through such projects as New York City's Central Park and the U.S. Capitol grounds.


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